About Middlebury History Online

In Fall 2005, Middlebury College was approached by Judith Tichenor Fulkerson, Class of 1956, with a proposal to create a digital archive of documents related to the history of Middlebury College beginning with its founding in 1800 through the early 20th century. These documents include manuscript letters, journals, diaries, and archival records, as well as books, journals, other published works, and photographic images that directly relate to the College’s founders, faculty, students, and alumni.  Mrs. Fulkerson, an alum and former member of the College Board of Trustees, is a descendent of Isaac Tichenor, the Governor of Vermont who granted and signed the original Middlebury College Charter in 1800. The donation was Mrs. Fulkerson’s 50th Reunion Gift to the College.


Middlebury History Online is a work in progress. As digitized archival materials are created, this online archive will continue to grow. The essays under the category Architecture & landscapes are taken from Glenn Andres’ Walking History of Middlebury and are used with his permission. The essays for several of the twentieth and twenty-first century College presidents are adapted from David Haward Bain’s The College on the Hill and are used with his permission.

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