Daniel Chipman

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Son of Samuel and Hannah (Austin) Chipman, Daniel Chipman (1765-1850) was born in Salisbury, Connecticut, October 22, 1765. Chipman prepared for college with his older brother Nathaniel, and graduated from Dartmouth College in 1788. He and his brother studied law, and were admitted to the bar in 1790. Before locating to Middlebury in 1794, he had a law practice in Rutland.  Chipman was one of five community leaders to meet Yale President, Timothy Dwight in September, 1798, to discuss the founding of Middlebury College. Both Daniel and his brother Nathaniel were named Charter Trustees of Middlebury College in November, 1800, and he served in that capacity until he resigned the post in 1844. Chipman was Professor of Law at Middlebury College from 1806-1816, and received an honorary LL.D from the College in 1848. He served for several years as a member of the Vermont Constitutional Convention beginning in 1793, and went on to represent Vermont in several elected capacities including representative to the General Assembly,  Vermont Speaker of the House, and member of Congress (1815-17). His published works include “Life of Nathaniel Chipman,”  and “Memoirs of Thomas Chittenden, First Governor of Vermont.” He married Eleuthria Hedge in 1796. Chipman Hill, in northeast Middlebury, is named for him. He died in Ripton, Vermont , on April 23, 1850.